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          Is Solid Wood Flooring Suitable For Kitchens
          Sep 29, 2020

          The kitchen is a relatively humid and oily place, so in traditional decoration, the kitchen floor can only be made of ceramic tiles, which is moisture-proof and easy to clean. But the big disadvantage of using ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor is that it slips when wet, and people tend to fall. With the advancement of science and technology, the wooden floor has also been inserted in the kitchen floor decoration, and the wooden floor has begun to enter the kitchen decoration. Some consumers feel that it is not appropriate to lay wooden floors in the kitchen. But in fact, it is better to use wooden floors in the open kitchen to get better results. Wooden floor not only has a beautiful appearance, but also modern technology makes it more durable and stain-resistant. If you choose solid wood flooring of natural materials, it will also have good environmental protection. Creating an environmentally friendly open kitchen starts with laying solid wood floors.


          At present, the new wooden floor dedicated to the kitchen has been greatly improved in terms of anti-slip, stain resistance and waterproof performance. In terms of non-slip, strengthened the surface layer of the floor, which greatly increases the non-slip performance of the floor; in terms of stain resistance, the surface is covered with a special protective layer. This kind of ground is not only wear-resistant, but also resistant to scratching and cleaning. easy. Let me introduce to you the advantages of laying wooden floors in the kitchen and the purchasing skills of wooden floors:

          Frist. The advantages of wooden floor for kitchen

          1. The floor feels good

          As we all know, wood flooring is loved by consumers for its good foot feel. It is widely used in the decoration of living room and bedroom. The open kitchen is integrated with the living room and dining room. The wooden floor is laid on the feet of the kitchen. More comfortable.

          2. The floor is more slip resistant

          Compared with ceramic tiles, the slip resistance of the floor is superior. After the ground is accidentally wetted by water, the anti-slip of the floor is better than that of tiles. And the floor is gentler than the tile material, and accidentally falling can also reduce the damage of collision.

          3. Home style is more unified

          In China, more and more homes choose the form of open kitchen. At this time, if the floor of the living room and the kitchen choose different materials, the unity of the whole space will be greatly reduced.

          Second, the choice of kitchen wood flooring

          Although the floor has many advantages when used in the kitchen, it is undeniable that the floor is a sensitive material, which is not suitable for humidity, oily smoke and other environments, and once it is dirty, it is not easy to clean. If you want to tailor the floor for the kitchen, you must start with the selection of materials.

          1. Eye view

          Low-density floors are susceptible to moisture and moisture, so when buying a floor, you must first observe its appearance and see the density of the board. You can also use a simple method to calculate the density of the whole floor according to the formula of density = mass/volume. Generally speaking: the density of low density board is less than 450 kg/m3, the density of medium density board is 450 kg-600 kg/m3; the density of high density board is 600 kg~900 kg/m3.

          2. Nose smell

          Wood floors should pay attention to environmental protection. Good quality wood floors generally have a relatively fresh and natural taste, which is not irritating. The opposite is true for low-priced and low-quality flooring. As long as you smell it with your nose, you will have a strange smell, smoke your nose, and make people feel uncomfortable. Using this product will have a negative impact on your health.

          3. Dripping

          The dripping is to test the water absorption rate of the floor. Take 1-2 pieces of floor at will, and drop a few drops of water on the front and back of the floor. After a certain period of time, the decorative layer will form floating water drops that will not be absorbed. The side of the wooden floor There is no obvious water swelling phenomenon, which proves that the water absorption rate of the floor meets the requirements.

          4. Test for cracks

          Put several floors together to see if there is a height difference. If there is an obvious drop that proves that the floor has undergone thermal expansion and contraction, such a floor is not suitable for high-temperature kitchens.

          Three, the kitchen wooden floor is carefully constructed to ensure safety

          The kitchen is a place where an open flame is used, and it is also a place where there is a lot of oily smoke and water vapor. If you want to lay wooden floors in the kitchen, in addition to choosing a good floor material, the decoration construction is also an important part.

          1. Good substrate treatment

          Before laying the floor, the treatment of the ground is very important. The ground needs to be painted with waterproof paint, and the number of painting times is generally 1-2 times. In addition, the leveling of the ground and the laying of floor mats on the ground are also very important. Only when the ground is flatter can the floor laid on it be more beautiful and durable.

          2. Add fireproof coating

          The floor is a place where an open flame is used. The raw material of the floor is wood, which is easy to burn due to contact with an open flame. Therefore, adequate fire prevention measures should be taken in the kitchen where the floor is laid. Generally, the floor surface will be painted 2-3 times with fireproof paint. If it is used on the wooden floor of the kitchen, it is recommended to brush it 5-6 times for better fireproofing effect.

          3. Do a good job of edge banding

          No matter how tight the floor is laid, and the edge sealing is not handled well, it will also affect the paving effect of the entire floor. After the entire floor is laid, the edge position needs to be sealed. At this time, edge banding or skirting boards are often used. In order to make the floor and edge banding more tightly combined, generally leave 8-12mm gaps between the board walls to install skirting boards. The edge banding needs to cover the gap with a glue fixing plate.

          The above is the answer to whether wooden floors can be used in the kitchen. Of course, the answer is yes! Everyone may wish to consider using wooden floors when decorating the kitchen.

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