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          What Should I Pay Attention To When Painting Solid Wood Doors?
          Aug 21, 2020

          The solid wood door is a decoration material that many families will choose. It is practical and beautiful, but after a long time of use, the solid wood door is likely to fall off the paint and lose its original luster. At this time, the wooden door needs to be repainted. So, what should be paid attention to when painting solid wood doors?

          solid wood doors

          Steps of painting solid wood doors

          1. First of all, remove the decorations on the door, which is conducive to even painting.

          2. Polishing. Use coarse sandpaper and fine sandpaper to polish the areas that need to be painted. Be careful not to sharpen the corners too much. After polishing, clean the dust on the solid wood door and you can paint.

          3. Paint. The rules for painting are from top to bottom and left to right. Note: The corners and hidden areas should also be painted.

          4. Let dry. Leave the painted wooden door for four to five hours until the paint is dry.

          5. Polish again. After the paint is dry, sand the wooden door from beginning to end with fine sandpaper. This time the purpose of polishing is to smooth the unevenness of the brush, which will facilitate the subsequent painting.

          painting solid wood doors

          What should I pay attention to when painting solid wood doors?

          1. In addition to its own wood fiber, solid wood door wood also contains grease, resin, tannin, pigment, moisture, etc. After being made into furniture, these components have an impact on the adhesion of paint.

          2. At the same time, foreign dust and debris also affect the appearance of the paint. In order to make the solid wood door smooth and clean in appearance, pure in color, free from scars, bubbles, and color patterns, it needs surface treatment.

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