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          Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring
          Sep 29, 2020

          Many families who want to buy solid wood flooring will consider whether the price/performance ratio of solid wood flooring is worth buying in the early stage of purchase. What are the benefits of solid wood flooring today?

          solid wood flooring

          1. Healthy and environmental protection. The solid wood floor is made of a single piece of wood, without any internal structure, so there is no adhesive such as glue, while other composite floors have internal structures and need to be glued with adhesives. Compared with other types of flooring, solid wood flooring is a healthy and environmentally friendly floor;

          2. Floors that can "breathe". Why do tiles sweat? Because they don't have their own "breathing pores", why are laminate flooring deformed in layers? Because it is not a whole piece of solid wood, it is only glued to each other, so it is easy to deform when exposed to water. As for the solid wood floor, there are many pipes and pores between the wood fibers, which are spread to the home in a large area, which has a certain regulating effect on the temperature and humidity of the home;

          3. Comfortable feet. Natural logs are elastic, so a pure solid wood floor feels more comfortable on the feet. Paving the home with solid wood flooring, just by the touch and the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, you can create a natural world for yourself in the reinforced concrete building.

          4. Aromatic and pleasant. The aromatic tinctures held by wood have the effects of soothing nerves and sleeping, which are very beneficial to human health. At the same time, the wood environment can create a natural harmony that is beneficial to people;

          5. There is a certain color difference, full of natural beauty. At the same time, it conveys a natural design beauty, which is far incomparable to any man-made material.

          Although solid wood flooring has many advantages, it is also expensive, not wear-resistant and easy to lose its luster. It should not be used in places with large temperature changes, otherwise it is easy to deform, so everyone should pay special attention to maintenance when using it.

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