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          Decor Holding Group Co.,Ltd

          Decor Holding Group Co.,Ltd


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          Our Team
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          ADDRESS: No.70, Wulipai Road, Wukang Town, Deqing, Zhejiang Province, China.

          MOBILE: +86-15957258561

          TEL: +86-572-8036885

          FAX: +86-572-8672289

          E-MAIL: info@decorholding.com

          Our Team:

          Principals-Responsible for direction, vision, and the accomplishment of ultimate goals, our founders lead fearlessly into territories old and new. They seek to meet the needs of our customers while protecting the interests of the team and customers.

          Marketing Team-Enthusiasts from start to finish. Responsible for design, messaging, and getting the word out, they seek maximum impact and effectiveness for our customers.

          Office Team -With diligence, optimism, and an obsession with detail, they protect and add to the welfare of our company with unceasing dedication.
          Production Team-With a pulse on every endeavor, it ensures the integrity of company processes that serve our clients. It play an important role in all team. Responsible for providing high quality products for our customer.

          our team